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We all have bad writing days. A bad writing day is when all literary hope has disappeared. You might have been on the receiving end of a few rejections, you might have been given some stinging criticism from a moody beta-reader or you might be finding that your words are not showing any signs of […]

Tour & #Giveaway for Naomi

Naomi has a knack for attracting attention from ethereal beings—whether she wants it or not. Newly engaged to her sexy neighbor, Bryce, she has little time to celebrate and plan for her upcoming wedding, because no sooner does she wrap up a heartbreaking cold case than she finds herself right back where she started, searching […]

Tour of Legend with Giveaway! Enter Now…

BOOK INFORMATION TITLE – Young Knights of the Round Table: The King’s Ransom SERIES – Book I AUTHOR – Cheryl Carpinello GENRE – Middle Grade Arthurian Legend PUBLICATION DATE – 2016/2012 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 120 Pages DISTRIBUTOR – Bublish, Inc. PUBLISHER – Beyond Today Educator COVER ARTIST – Berge Design Formats – paperback, ebook […]

Blog Tour Buried Alive

Monica wakes. It’s cold, damp. She feels confined…trapped…alone, and doesn’t know where she is or how she got there. Then panic sets in…clawing, feeling the dirt falling onto her face, Monica realizes she’s been buried alive. Escape may not be easy, it may not even be possible. She tries to remember what happened, how she […]

Kings of Kenilworth — On The Heath

the equestrian extravaganza had a lot more going for it aside from the races kind hosts and interesting guests gents in grey horsebit loafers and powder blue seersucker blazers wearing Longines on their wrists and taking sips of mint juleps in Derby fashion picturesque courses and fields at a distance – Cape floral kingdom fynbos […] […]

Maggie Tour

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to share your home with an unearthly spirit who can’t find closure? Living on the edge of a cemetery with souls dating back to the 1700s would be enough to spook anyone, but Naomi finds it oddly romantic, and becomes inspired to write her next novel. […]


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