Book Review: Strings by Kat Green

Extraordinary, Romantic, Suspenseful

Strings is about this crazy fun loving rock band called the “The Black Eagles” that bring the life of rock stars to the reader in a complete package of everything that is involved in being a star, such as obsessed groupies, lovers (past and future), drugs, drinking and a whole lot of paparazzi. My favorite character that Kat brings to like in the pages of her book is “Beth.”

Beth has this attitude that just stands out from the rest. Beth is the one that takes care of the group with her tough, come on attitude but also has that mother loving kind side of her that she shows her friends. 


I started this book over the weekend and I took my time in reading it because it was just such a lively read and it had me smiling, laughing, and tears forming in the corner of my eyes.  This is for sure a book I would recommend to any reader.






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