Double Decker Books, why are they so cool?

KayCee K. and her mom Stacie started a blog recently to help authors who may need some extra publicity and promotional help. They created based on a London Coffee House. These ladies worked hard to bring this blog to be professional looking and fun for authors. Their main goal is to please the author and to let the author have several different options. They create a custom made posts & banners for the authors so they will stand out to readers who are looking for new authors and new books.

KayCee runs the blog hosting part of the business and she is always kind and helpful to the bloggers. She also runs the Double it Thursday Meme post, which I just recently decided to take part into it. KayCee also runs the social sites of Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. She is always making sure that their authors get enough publicity for their money worth. KayCee also works the author giveaways and Sugar Cube giveaways.

Stacie runs the ordering and creating most of the author’s posts and with KayCee help they both run the book tours together so they can make sure each blog host is posting on time. Stacie also runs the social sites of Goodreads, Tumblr and Pinterest. Stacie always makes sure the author is happy with their posts and makes sure that the author receives the services to their liking. Stacie also takes the extra time to help promote the authors by tweeting and sharing to Google +.

Even though, KayCee and Stacie handle different parts of the business nothing is never posted without each others approval and an email is rarely sent out without each others approval. KayCee and Stacie are two remarkable promoter and professional bloggers that really need to be recognized in the blogging for authors community.

Here is some great valuable information about some of their services.

Double Decker Books offer great services and more at  Double Decker Books hand created and custom made posts and banners!


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