Books, and why so many people love them

Books, what is so good about a book? Why do people tend to read so many of them? Wherever I go on the Internet it seems like there is always a blog that posts about books and the author, why? These are questions I use to ask myself all the time, until one day I came across a blog that had so many good authors on it that the next thing I knew  was that I wanted to be in on the scene of new writers and hear their journey and what their dreams were in the next, in 5, 10, 15 years from now. I wanted to be a part, I wanted to share what books I found to be interesting and brag about the authors. But, see this still doesn’t answer why people tend to read so much and blog about it. One it brings strangers together that may never have connected, it brings authors and readers together closer than they ever were before when blogging was nothing. It helps the author gain respectable reviews and readers. It puts money on the table and fun for the ones that choose not to charge for their extra help. There maybe loads of bloggers blogging about books that’s because there are so many good authors out there. So next time you come across a blog covering books take a minute to see what books are good. OOPS!, I almost forgot to answer that question too, what is good about a book? Well, it takes a talented person with a great imagination to write a book, genres don’t matter, what matters is how well it is written and how well the storyline is created by the person writing it. A good book well take you on an adventure and to places you only could dream of. So pick up a good book and enjoy! More next time…until then read, read, and read!!


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